Behavioural Counselling

Assisting pet owners in tackling the underlying causes of their dog's behavioural concerns.

Behavioural issues are fairly common in dogs. In most cases, training should be the first thing that is attempted before a medical solution is tried. Some medications can help with anxiety, all of which should be discussed with a vet.

How can behavioural counseling help my dog’s behaviour?

Counselling sessions will help to determine the type of misbehaviour and attempt to find the underlying cause. From this, a plan can be formulated to help treat the behaviour.

What happens at the initial dog counseling meeting?

In your appointment, your vet will try to determine the underlying cause for the misbehaviour. Identifying a trigger may allow for certain strategies such as desensitization, avoidance, or environmental modification to help with the behaviour concern. In some circumstances, your vet may refer you to animal behaviourists.

Will my pet insurance policy cover the cost of dog behaviour counseling?

It is best to contact your insurance provider before the appointment as all policies are different.

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